From diapers to dreams: Balancing act of Parenting and Entrepreneurship

Parenting and Entrepreneurship

I know you are also struggling to manage work and family. It is more difficult when you are parents. You may try to give up and have thoughts about whether you can become a parent or an entrepreneur.

Hold on, have a deep breath.

We will find a solution for this together.

Yes, this is not an easy task, even will be more difficult to handle a sick kid with a work life. But, believe me, It is difficult but not possible.

How we can balance Parenting and Entrepreneurship

Make a routine: This is the first thing that will be the solution to your many problems. You can efficiently manage your family and business. You have to set clear boundaries for business and family hours. It will help you to manage your time effectively and ensure that you are fully available on both sides. Otherwise, your mind will be distracted and you will not be able to focus.

Prioritize tasks: You have to prioritize your tasks based on urgency. Do high-priority tasks on more productive hours. For ex. I do my high-priority task in the early morning while the whole family on sleeping mode. when I finish my urgent work in the early morning, it makes me relax and more productive for other tasks. Most important It gives me confidence to achieve my goals.

Set goals: Be realistic about your goals that you have to complete in a day or week. You will have clarity in your mind about what next you have to do. Believe me, set goals will prevent you from burnout and your process of doing work will be smooth. 

Flexible schedule: Create a flexible schedule that will help you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is more important when you are struggling with multiple responsibilities such as parenting and entrepreneurship. You will be able to fulfill your professional and personal commitments.

I suggest you use time-blocking techniques in which you have to allocate specific periods for different activities. It will help you to maintain focus. 

Use Technology: Technology can be your lifesaver. There are lots of management tools that can help you to manage your work. Use project management tools, communication apps, and scheduling software to stay organized and efficient in both your personal and professional life.

Schedule Family Time: Don’t schedule your business work only, make a schedule for family time as well. your family needs you not for doing their work but for the quality time that you spend together.

Plan a play date for your baby, she may need it badly. A romantic candlelight dinner waits for both of you to make your relationship healthier.

Go for shopping with your mom/MIL. Travel with family is another great idea to be with family. It’s not necessary to do all this on the same day, you can manage it according to your schedule.

Give Priority to Communication with Family: Don’t hesitate to communicate with your family about the demand for entrepreneurial support you need from your family. Maybe your husband is also a businessman or an employee, he is very clear about the workspace. You both can manage.

However, it is more difficult when you are in a joint family, you are living with your In-laws. you have to manage them as well, here is the only solution that is communication. Your silence can lead to misunderstanding. It can ruin your beautiful relationships. Be transparent with them and make them understand your situation.

Things you should avoid as a parent and entrepreneur

Perfection: Perfection is nowhere, not in any business or person. If you are running behind perfection, you will lose yourself. So, try to do your best not perfect.

For ex. You want to learn a skill and want to open a YouTube channel. There is a thought in your mind when I will be an expert in the skill then I go for YouTube. This is a bad idea you will not be an expert overnight. You have to gain experience and practice and practice to achieve that level.

Ignoring yourself: Day starts and we run behind our kids, family, and business. One task is completed and we jump into another one. The thing that we ignore is “us” We compromise with our health, and our mental health as well. Take yourself to the front and think What about that skincare that you have wanted to do for months, you also forget about your healthy diet plan. Go, have a salon appointment buddy. We have to shine internally and externally. I suggest, just try to find 15 minutes for your increased time when you will be able to achieve this target. Let’s be healthy and beautiful mommy & business owner.

Immediate response emails: You will be more productive when you have half an hour to respond to your emails. You don’t have anything else to do in this period. You will be more focused; your concentration is all about that email only. Maybe you get a great idea in time because there is no mess in your brain at that time. 

If you are trying to close the deal and clean the potty at the same time, there will be a mess at both ends.

I recommend, don’t try to be a perfect parent or entrepreneur. you will be burned and this leads to giving up.

Overcommitment: Overcommitment in business means too many tasks which takes too many responsibilities. Overcommitment can reduce overall productivity which leads to missed deadlines and increased stress. Due to lots of work, you have little time and you may have less mental space for creative thinking. It naturally affects our long-term goals as we have already a workload and we are just stuck into it. How we can even think about something more creative and innovative for our long-term goals?

Dear mompreneur, you have not to be old at the age of 40, you have to shine in your 60 with great health and a sexy figure. Let’s rule the world with the beauty of brains. If you do have not any social life or a friend, you want to share your thoughts and conversations. you need a friend to discuss your fear with. Let’s talk.

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